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OCI - Storage Arrays Configurations


Hi all,

how i can extract the storage arrays specifications (disks, raid configured, serial number, capacity, capacity raw, etc.) via Oncommand Insight software, or even a phyton script that query OCI?


I hope in your help.




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Re: OCI - Storage Arrays Configurations


OCI has both a REST API and a true data warehouse (DWH) solution. The DWH is MySQL based, and is open schema and documented.


We would tend to recommend using the DWH for capacity reporting use cases - there are some elements of configuration and capacity that we have not yet made available via the REST API.

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Re: OCI - Storage Arrays Configurations


To get the information quickly and manually, use the Java client, Inventory, Storage.  General information about the array will be in the master view.  Select an array and enable various micro-views to get things like disks, pools, volumes, etc.  Be aware that you may need to enable additional columns using the "customize" button in both the master view and the micro views to get the information you need.  For each micro-view, there is an option to export the data to CSV under the file menu but it also works to do a select-all in a given view or micro-view and copy the data into Excel. 

Re: OCI - Storage Arrays Configurations


You may also want to extract this information using queries in the Server WebUI. It will allow you to filter based on model, vendor, disk speed or class. The queries can also be export the data.


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