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OCI - FC Identify "Not identified automatically"



for case study, if in the tab "FC Identify" there are WWN not identified automatically, and i would perform a manual identify throught "Identify selected", how can i  cross information about Storage/Hosts to WWN?


I would be clear; In the tab Hosts and Storage arrays i can't see the wwn associated, how may i perform a report with storage end hosts with their information end own wwn?





Re: OCI - FC Identify "Not identified automatically"


Hey Alberto,


OCI as a general rule does not identify hosts automatically. This is because OCI does not talk to physical hosts, generally speaking.


The primary exception to automatic host identification are the OCI host virtualization datasources (Vmware, Hyper-V, Openstack + KVM, RHEV, PowerVM) - these datasources if deployed will learn what WWNN/WWPN and/or IQNs belong to which hosts, and identify them automatically.


For the rest of your hosts, you need to look at OCI's Auto Resolution feature - you can configure rules to parse zones name, switch alias, storage alias, etc data that OCI gathers when discovering your environment. You can optionally make DNS resolution a requirement - i.e, do this to extract a string, and only if that string resolves to a hostname in one of these DNS domain suffixes will OCI identify this WWNN as hostname_x


Are you doing an OCI POC? During a poc we will typically spend some time walking customers through this.



Re: OCI - FC Identify "Not identified automatically"


In addition...


Unidentified WWNs are inventoried as "Generic Devices".  In the Java client, there is a screen for this under Inventory-->Generic Devices.  There, you can access micro-views that will show some of the same content as you might see in the Hosts or Storage views, such as Zoning and Masking entries for that WWN. 


Typically, a SAN will have several WWN's attached and showing up in FC Identify, which are not zoned, masked, or mapped.  I generally ignore these, because they are hard to identify, and there is very little benefit to doing so. 

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