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Hi All,

i new on NetApp products, and i'm learning the OnCommand Insight software. So, i need  MIB file for this product. I don't find it on support site, please someone can provide me the download link?


PS: I'm only a student and not customer/partner.



Thanks in advance,
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Re: OnCommand Insight


Hey Alberto,


The OCI mib ships inside the product - when OCI is installed, the mib will be in ../sanscreen/mibs


OCI's mib only documents traps - OCI cannot be polled via SNMP.


The OCI mib is somewhat tied to the version of OCI



Re: OnCommand Insight


Thanks a lot for the answer.


I haven't the OCI installed, so i'm asking if there is another alternative method to catch the Mibs file.


Regarding "OCI's mib only documents traps - OCI cannot be polled via SNMP"; OCI don't send traps about his status to snmp server?


Best Regards

Re: OnCommand Insight


No, to my knowledge we only distribute the .mib inside of OCI, as I don't think we have a version number of the mib.


SNMP can do push or pull:


Push - a device sends traps - this is typically for alarm use cases

Pull - you can poll a device via SNMP to monitor it on an ongoing basis.


OCI's SNMP support is push only - all it can do is send traps.


You cannot poll OCI via SNMP.

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Re: OnCommand Insight


Hi Matt,


thanks for the assistance.



Best Regards,

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