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OCUM 5.2P2 and cDOT 8.2.1RC2 question


I’ve been looking at OCUM docs but I can't exactly find a yes/no answer, so can anyone tell me if Oncommand Unified Manager 5.2P2 is supposed to be able to monitor 8.2.1(RC2) cDOT filers exactly like it can monitor 8.1.2 cDOT filers? 

OCUM 5.2 doc says it supports 8.2 but doesn’t say anything about 8.2.1.  OCUM 6.1RC1 says it supports 8.2.1.  I can add a cluster running 8.2.1RC2 CDOT to our OCUM5.2P2 server but it clearly isn’t picking up some critical information(aggr, volume, SVM info, for example) that it does for our 8.1.2 cDOT clusters.   I need to find out if the fact that our OCUM 5.2P2 server isn’t picking up some critical information is due to the OS not being supported by this version of OCUM, or if there’s something on our filers/server that we need to configure. 

Since I can add 8.2.1RC2 cluster to the OCUM5.2P2 server and its dfm host diag output looks just like it does for the 8.1.2 clusters I'm thinking it's not a communication/auth issue, but I'm curious if it's working as designed or if I'm hitting an issue. 



8.2.1RC2 cDOT is supported on UM 5.2P2. There shouldn't be any problems in discovery. You can also do "dfm host discover <hostid>" This would manually trigger the monitors.




I take it all back.  I guess I needed to give it some time(1.5+ hr).  It's reporting about the same amount of information as it does for 8.1.2 cDOT clusters.  Thanks!

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