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ONTAP Automation: How do export CIFS shares ACL and import to another filer>


I use snapmirror to replicate volumes from a production filer to a DR filer at another site. Is there a way to use WFA to export CIFS Shares ACL of a volume to a file and import it back to the replicated volume in DR filer?



Hi ,



Can you please lookin to this attached workflow, Which may help to create CIFS shares ACL on DR volume.




Veerendranadh CH


There are some great PowerShell examples here for import/export of shares and exports if you're interested.



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You ceratinly can do this using WFA and very easily too. Nothing to import/export but your requirement will be resolved.


1. Use cmdlet Get-NcCifsShareAcl to get ACLs of one share.

2. Use Set-NcCifsShareAcl to set the above obtained ACLs for the new CIFS share.



You want a working sample code for it? I can make one for you.




If this post resolved your issue, help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.




Yes please show me how you do it. I have actually written powershell scipts to export the shares and ACL, but find that the xml it exported has some specifications that is tied to the node such as IP address and host name. Not sure if it will work when it is imported to another filer. Looking forward to see your example. many thanks

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