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OPM 1.1 RC1 autosupport proxy?


Hi FOlk,

Is there a setting to enable OPM to use a proxy to send autosupports?


The interface is very sparce, and the install guide only talks about needing smtp to send autosupports.  (It doesn't)


I have email set up correctly, the provided test works, and I can get it to email me the support package through the console, but when I 'Generate and Send AutoSupport'  through the GUI I get the error 


500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details


Which also leads me to another question:  where can I get the logs??  I can get them via the support package from the console, but that's a dam clunky way to check a log during troubleshooting (ie, each time you've tried something)







(lol, I got bleeped for 'invalid html', or trying to say dam(n) )

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