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On-demand Inventory Poll with OCUM


Hi all,

Is there a way to get OCUM to perform an inventory poll on demand either via the GUI or CLI? We currently use WFA to provision or recreate volumes however I have run into issues when performing the following workflow:

  • Delete the existing volume (say it is on aggr0, it is empty and I want to recreate it on aggr1)
  • Recreate the aforementioned volume on aggr1 on the same controller with the same name using WFA

WFA will fail because OCUM still shows that the original volume exists unless I wait for OCUM's inventory to refresh (which takes a while).





Hi Dan,

     Let me see if I understood your problem correctly. You are creating a volume with name say vol1, then deleting the same and latter trying to create with same volume name vol1 right ?

DFM takes 1 hour before it can mark-delete an object in its database even after the object is deleted on the controller. This was done as a means to prevent snmp discrepancies or timeouts.

I suggest you modify your workflow to query the controller for unique names to recreate volumes instead of relying on OCUM as there is no way to fasten this process of mark-deletion.

Even though you can refresh the monitoring using dfm-api-refresh or dfm host discover you will still have to wait for 1 hour.




Thanks for the answers guys, I appreciate it!

NetApp Alumni

Hi Dan,

There is the dfm-object-refresh API that will refresh all or specified monitors.  Last refresh can be monitor with the dfm-monitor-timestamp-list API.  The code invokes dfm-object-refresh, then can periodically invoke dfm-monitor-timestamp-list and check the last time refreshed.  What I do is invoke dfm-monitor-timestamp-list, store the timestamp; invoke dfm-object-refresh, and then invoke dfm-monitor-timestamp-list at 5 second intervals for a changed timestamp.  If you're checking for volumes for example, you can do a volume-list-info-iter-[start/next/end] and check for the desired object.


   - Rick -


Hi Dan,

It is possible in OCUM GUI to start an "Refresh Monitoring Sample" on Aggregats or Volumes. Go to "NetApp Management Console" -> Storage -> Volumes and click "Refresh Monitoring Sample". You could also shorten the the dfm option "fsMonInterval" but this is not recommended from NetApp. The default are 15 minutes.



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