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OnCommand 5.0.1 Java/JVM conflict, webui not re/starting


I am working on an environment where the OnCommand 5.0.1 server also has System Manager 2.x, SMOSS, and SnapDrive.  I know this is not recommended, but I need to identify what the conflict is before the decision can be made to move an application to another server.

I've determined that something is modifying the Java settings or holding all resources so that the webui service cannot be started. 

The only workaround I've found is to reinstall Java, reboot and then the webui and http services of OnCommand Core will start.  The problem occurs if the OnCommand services are stopped, and then webui/http cannot be restarted.  I've tried modifying the maxheapsize, anywhere from 768-3078, with no success.

Any ideas what could be modifying the Java settings or consuming all available heap memory?  The server has around 3GB of free physical memory (8GB total) at the time of restarting webui/http, so the heap size should not be an issue.

Java version was 6U20 32-bit, uninstalled and re-installed Java 7U3 64-bit.  Issue still occured, requiring Java 7 to be re-installed and server rebooted before webui and http would start.




Re: OnCommand 5.0.1 Java/JVM conflict, webui not re/starting


Hi Jeff,

Pls upgrade to 5.0.2P1 or even 5.2. This is not tested or supported. Pls see the below public report if it helps.



Re: OnCommand 5.0.1 Java/JVM conflict, webui not re/starting


Thanks.  After running for awhile, the webui service stopped on it's own: wrapper.log:  JVM exited unexpectedly.  The http service remained running.

I reinstalled 5.0.1, and the services initially did not start: "Could not reserve enough space for object heap".  After a reboot, they started successfully.

I'll keep an eye on the services, and try to push for an upgrade. 

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