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OnCommand Report replacement ?



I saw that OnCommand Report has been announced as End of Sale from May 2014 :

Replacement product seems to be OnCommand Insight Plan 7.0 stated for a Q2 calendar release.

Willl that par of OCI will be free like OnCommand report was ?



I would be curious to the answer of this as well.

We "just" got licenses for this product last week and our Account Representative NEVER said a word about this in our communications.


Yes, OnCommand Report, has moved to End of Availability, starting in May 2014.  While development and sales will cease, customers can continue to use the product until it no longer supports the newer OnCommand Unified Manager releases, hardware, etc.  Again, no further enhancements, functionality, or support for new releases of Unified Manager software or FAS hardware will be added.

Given the above, we do not recommend customers deploy OnCommand Report, and rely on it for reporting.  Instead, we recommend OnCommand Unified Manager 5.2's reporting capabilities.  In future releases of OnCommand Unified Manager 6, reporting functionality will also be added.

For greater functionality, yes, we do recommend the, licensed, OnCommand Insight Plan module.  The current OnCommand Insight Plan 6.4, product DOES support both 7-mode and clustered ONTAP, in addition to, E-Series and 3rd party storage.  (Many, many, many more things we could talk about around OnCommand Insight.)  Customers do not need to wait for version 7, to use OnCommand Insight Plan; NetApp support has been in the product for many years.

What is coming in version 7, of OnCommand Insight Plan, will be additional NetApp-specific data, that goes above what is available in the product today.  This data will be similar to the data available from OnCommand Report; however, Insight Plan goes well beyond what Report did, or would ever do.

OnCommand Report contained only current inventory and capacity information; no longer term historical trending or performance data.  OnCommand Insight Plan contains this inventory and capacity information, which will be further expanded in version 7, but also, contains 13 months of historical capacity information, performance metrics, and, ability to forecast future storage growth.

I hope this helps.  If you need additional information, I encourage you to reach out to your local manageability CSE, or, your local OnCommand Insight CSE (your account teams can bring them in).  From there, we can bring-in product management, if needed, for an even deeper dive.