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OnCommand Unified Manager - limiting users to monitor particular SVMs only


IHAC who is looking for a possibility to restrict OCUM users to able to monitor only selected SVMs.


E.g. having several SVMs for different customers on one FAS and providing them closed areas of visibility.


What would you recommend? OCUM 6.2 or 5.x ? My research has so far proven that OCUM 6 is not yet mature enough to provide such capabilities.


What user wants to see is:

• Storage performance metrics
• Metrics for the disk aggregates allocated to Openwatt
• IOPS, bandwidth, latency, service time, transfer time, queue size
• SVM usage metrics
• CPU usage, bandwidth, distribution of traffic on network links, service time, transfer time, queue size, latency, IOPS
• Per volume performance metrics
• IOPS, utilization, queue size, cache hit/mis, io size, average io size, service time, transfer time, latency, capacity



Yes, your research is correct at the moment.


If you want to control visibility at selected SVM level, you need to use UM5.x.  





Thanks for this,


it means, however, that customer either using Ontap 8.3 or willing to upgrade to OCUM 6 will not be able to achieve such feature.


Given that we can upgrade 5.2.x to 6.x 'seamlessly' it does make sense to stick to 5.2.x for a while.


Do you have any knowledge when can we expect such capabilities in 6.x?