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Oracle ZFS data source going prime time


Currently the Oracle ZFS array data source is beta, both in 7.3.0SP2 and 7.3.1SP1. Is there a time frame when the data source will move past beta? 


-Jim Kerick



Hey Jim,


I don't think Inventory is getting promoted with the forthcoming OCI 7.3.2 / SP 2 for 7.3 releases, which are due early next month.


I would state that I would expect the next releases to officially promote our Inventory package.


Are you evaluating our Performance beta? That will be shipping as part of those aforemented releases, but if you are on 7.3.1 I could get you a patch now


We are in earlier innings in the world of Performance, such that I tend to expect that whenever we ship a SP3 for 7.3, it will promote Inventory, but perhaps not Performance out of beta.




Hey Matt,


I am using 7.3.0SP2 and have the performance Beta now. We are discussing moving to 7.3.1 shortly or going to 7.3.2 post the expected release. The inventory is mostly solid. Some work about overhead from the pool level based upon RAID type needs to be fine tuned.


If you need anyone to provide feedback regarding the data source, please contact me. i might have some ideas to share.


-Jim K.

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