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PS command reference & Export policy backup


Hi guys,


where can I find the current PowerShell Toolkit command line reference?


Also I'm looking for a script which can export qtrees including export-policy settings and import it on another svm.

I found this for cifs shares + export polices  which works very well.






Once you have the PSTK module loaded, the "Show-NcHelp" cmdlet will launch the documentation in your web browser, which will include all of the information about various cmdlets. Off the top of my head, I would think you'd want to look at the "Get-NcQtree", "Get-NcExportPolicy" and "Get-NcExportRule" cmdlets to pull in data from your "source" cluster and then duplicate on your "destination" cluster. 


Unfortunately, I don't have any code handy to help out with your specific use case, but if you start writing a script/function and run into issues, post your code and I'll be happy to help work the kinks out! 

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