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Protection manager SV policy question


Hi everyone,

     I have a question about Protection Manager SV backup behavior under DR policies.

We have automated allocations using WFA, those systems have automated DR capabilities to failover to a DR site.  However we do not have an automated way to switch sources when using protection manager to manage snapvault backup jobs.

Currently, we only use Protection Manager to manage snapvaults, and manually configure snapmirrors, so we are not using the DR policies in PM.

If we set up these systems to use the "DR mirror, then Backup" policy in protection manager, and we use protection manager to invoke a DR failover, does the backup automatically switch to the DR location and continue to backup from there?  If not, we have to relinquish the relationships, remove all the existing jobs, manually connect SV to the DR side, then import all of those relationships, not something that is easily scripted.

Thanks in advance,



Re: Protection manager SV policy question


Hi Scott,

     If you use DR Mirror then Backup and on failover, PM will start to create snapshots on the Mirror node as if it was primary and the mirror to snapvault will continue to run.



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