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Querying Specific Timestamped data DFM DP Transfer Report



I would like to know if there is a way to directly extract only specific timestamped data form DFM DP TRANSFER REPORTS.

What I am doing so far,  is viewing the full report while sorting only the specific date ie :

dfm report view -F csv dp-transfer-backup-daily | findstr "2013-02-27" > dp-transfer-backup-daily.2013-02-27.out

Is there a smarter way to do it ?

Many Thanks !


Re: Querying Specific Timestamped data DFM DP Transfer Report


Hi Michel,

     Unfortunately this is not possible using the native reporting in DFM. But we do provide database views for these reports. So using simple SQL query you should be able to get this data.

The view schema is documented under the following. Go to the link below and look for the following table named datatransferHistoryDayView

Help->General Help->DatabaseSchema->Database schema for DataFabric Manager server historic data

http://<your dfm server name-or-ip>:8080/dfm/report/view/suite

To access the view you will have to do the follwoing.

  1. dfm database user create -u <user-name> [ -p <password> ]
  2. dfm database access enable -u <user-name-or-id>
  3. dfm database query run [ -F <output-format> ] <select-query>



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