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Receving HTTP XML Authentication failed from x.x.x.x (DFM server) on Netapp controller



I just installed DFM 4.0 and added my controllers via snmp.  On my Netapp controller, I'm showing a lot of HTTP XML Authentication failed from x.x.x.x messages in the syslogs.  Is there some security or user acct that I have to modify in DFM to get it fixed.  Thanks.





I have deleted one account from the Storage filer and now i have started getting the alert "HTTP XML Authentication failed from x.x.x.x (DFM server)" can you please guide me exactly how i can fix this problem. Thanks


Try setting filer credentials for your controller in the DFM


how can i do that, It wud be great if you can tell me step by step..

The user i deleted from storage filer only. and when i tried deleting the user from the DFM, it doesnt allow me and give me the same error. how can i modify or delete the user from DFM. I assume if this user is configured for some communication.. Thanks


I am not sure, how to do this.


You can set filer credentials via the command line, the webUI or NMC.

The commandline looks like

dfm host  set <filer_name> hostLogin=<filer_login_name> hostPassword=<filer_login_password>

In the webUI, after logging in, go to ControlCenter->Home->Member Details -> <your_filer>.

Then on left, under Storage Controller Tools, select Edit Settings and fill in the login and password credentials for the filer

In the NMC, make sure 'Manage Data' is selected on the far left, then select 'Hosts', then 'Stoarge Systems'.

Highlight the filer and click on the Edit button. Set the Login Credentials.


I have recently encountered all kinds of problem after my W7 workstation was patched with MS security updates and java 8 (java is nasty, isn't it?) regarding to NetApp SystemManager 3.1.2 (SM312).


First, the error is "500 Connection Refused"", then "HTTP XML Authentica​tion failed from x.x.x.x (DFM server) on Netapp controller", and last the KS file corruption.


I tried to remove java 8, then remove and re-install Java (jre-7u65) and SM312; did not work.


Of course, you have to install jre-7u65 and SM.


Next, recovere the SM.config file from C:\Users\myusername\NetApp\SystemManager using SMBackup.config, simply deleted the SM.config file then recreate the file using backup (you know how to do this, don't yuo?); deleted the KS file. This restored my previous connections to my filers, great, one step closer.


Next, putty to the filers (controllers) and run this command: "options tls.enable on", bingo, my SM back to work.


Thanks, guys. Good Luck.


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