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[HTTPPool03:warning]:HTTP XML Authentication failed from vcenter_ip


After upgrade Hardware from Fas2040 to Fas2240 and snapmirror of volroot (with change root password) too in 7Mode, i received the follow warning every 15min from cli console

[HTTPPool03:warning]:HTTP XML Authentication failed from (vcenter ip address)

the follow operations were made :

- change credential to vsc plugin

- remove and insert netapp controller to vsc plugin

- check "options http" on netapp controller

any idea?

Re: [HTTPPool03:warning]:HTTP XML Authentication failed from vcenter_ip

the solutions is to use the same  controller credential access for every tab into vsc plugin "Monitoring / Backup / provisioning".

the best solutions is to create an vsc user on every controller netapp, and use that credential into "default set credential" iMonitoring and host tab of vsc plugin