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Split NetApp volume into 2 volumes


Hello All,

I created the 8 TB shared datastore for my vSphere 5.1 environment using NetApp VSC. I have only 1 TB space left in the Datastore. All the VMs are on this datastore. I have a task to split this datastore so that vms could be on 2 datastores. I dont have enough space on the Agg to create a separate volume/ Datastore and move half of the Vms from the existing volume and then resize the existing. So is there a way to split this existing 8 TB volume/ datastore into 2 volumes/ datastores of 4 TB each?

Thanks - AG


Re: Split NetApp volume into 2 volumes



You can't split the volume literally, but you can achieve your goal in few steps:

1) Create new volume / datastore of the desired size, but thinly provisioned (vol guarantee set to none)

2) Migrate VMs gradually - depending on vSphere licensing either using Storage VMotion, or cold migration

3) Shrink the original volume to the desired size

4) Make the new volume thick provisioned (gurantee set to volume) - if needed.



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