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Reporting of IOPS from Performance Pools and other Pools in OnCommand Insight 6.4.3



I'm wondering if we have a bug or if this is just a factor of OCI reporting on Performance Pools, Economy Pools, Fast VP Pools, etc.  Although we have response time and throughput, there is no IOPS information.  We can see the disk IOPS, but from the Volumes view, anything that reports as a "pool" of some kind will not have IOPS information.  Before I open a case, I wanted to ask if this was something normal.  These are also all thin provisioned volumes that are not showing IOPS information.  Any volume that is simply in a RAID group provides IOPS information.


Thank you!



Hey Julia, What storage array platform are we discussing here? If it is EMC Symmetrix, any chance you are getting performance data via CLI calls? We would strongly encourage moving to using SMI-S for performance collection if that is the case, but that will require you to deploy EMC's SMI-S provider


No, these are VNX's.  We had IOPS information for them, but then it stopped.  It seems to be an issue particular to the thin luns.  We did repurpose some disks and add new flash storage to a number of the them, but it looks like we lost the IOPS info before starting that effort.  Not sure if that maintenance might have impacted the performance acquisition.  The data sources are reporting that the the performance acquisition is successful, and we are getting response time info.  But what happened to the IOPS, and why is it a problem for the thin luns and not the others?  I did just open a case on it because this can't be normal behavior.


We are planning an upgrade to 7.0.x, just waiting on a new server to be delivered.  Perhaps there is a patch we need, or the upgrade will remedy the issue. 


Thank you for the follow-up!