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Show S3-tier capacity in Harvest/Grafana?




I was wondering if it is possible to visualize the used capacity of an aggregate in the S3-tier. At the moment the total used capacity of the "performance tier" (the local SSDs) is visible in the "NetApp Dashboard: Node - Storage Capacity drilldown", but not the amount of data in S3.


I mean the data you get from: "aggr show -fields size,usedsize,composite-capacity-tier-used"

::> aggr show -fields size,usedsize,composite-capacity-tier-used
aggregate   size    usedsize composite-capacity-tier-used
----------- ------- -------- ----------------------------
node1_aggr0 387.8GB 350.6GB  0B
node1_aggr1 11.21TB 6.12TB   3.36TB
node2_aggr0 387.8GB 350.6GB  0B
node2_aggr1 11.21TB 5.48TB   9.35TB

Is it possible to create a custom panel for this? Or is this data not collected in Harvest?



OnCommand System Manager
In OnCommand System Manager, FabricPool space utilization is displayed on the Storage Tiers tab.
Details include performance tier maximum capacity, used capacity, and external tier used capacity.

Storage tiers aggregate-level information.


Additionally, used capacity as a percentage of the licensed capacity is displayed at the bottom of the
Storage Tiers tab.

Licensed capacity.



That's all very nice, however, that was not the question. System Manager shows the utilization as a static number, not as a historical view. You cannot see how fast the S3-tier has grown in the past month or so. That's why I was wondering if it was available as a view in Grafana, using Harvest.