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Something wrong with automationstore?


I am trying to download the Quota Management Pack for WFA without much of success. Clicking the download link gives a witty "404 - Not Found" and same error is displayed when I click Login at Another NetApp site that has been Redesigned Beyond All Usability? 


Best regards





Please udate about an issue fix

Hi All


An eRFC - CHG110098 has been raised for this request.


Issue will be fixed ASAP.

Once after the fix, i will share the details.


Best Regards


Issue is fixed. Now can be accessed.

It appears the Autmation Store is down again, please check and resolve again.




Automation Store has been shutdown temporarily


We are working on it to make sure it is up as quickly as possible.




Any news. WFA is still reporting the site as down Smiley Sad


All - Team is working on this issue, with priority.


We expect the automation store to be up and running tentatively by next Friday, 16th June 2017.


In the meantime, if someone needs any specific pack please reach out to:








The WFA Automation Store is back online. We regret the inconvenience caused due to the downtime.




I have validated that I can both log in as well as download.


Thank yuo all for your assistance in this matter!


I am having the same issue. Tried:


Firefox 53.0

IE 11


Chrome "39.0.2171.95 m" worked, but it didn't let me log in. Told me "Incorrect Username or Password"


Annoying to actually get there, then to be blocked again. Hoping this is fixed soon!

Hi All,


Thanks for the details.

We are working on this issue.


Issue will be fixed MAY1st week.



I get the same error; logging on using te button on the login button on the automationstore page yields an password error.

if logged on to another netapp site i get the 404 error.. something is seriously broken.

Fixed now.
Check now.



I just checked and I'm still seeing the same thing.  I get a 404 error when trying to download the file if I'm already logged into the support site.  If I'm not logged into the support site it takes me to a login page and my credentials will not work on that page.


Interesting. I have the same behaviour: 404 when I am authenticated to some other NetApp site and login incorrect if I am not. Even more confusing!


However, I still get a 404 when I try to download the Quota Management pack...


Brgds / richard



I have been able to download the pack I wanted, so I guess my problem was a different one and has been resolved.







I'm experiencing the same issues as the other posters.  I started to experience this issue early last week.  I have tried multiple browsers on different computers.  One thing to note, when I try to login it takes me to  This page looks different than the standard login screen at  Also, when I click the forgot password button link on the it gives me an invalid DNS address as it's taking me to  Looks like some links need to be updated.


Hi Richard,


Please let us know which browser you are using.

We are not hitting this issue.





I am using Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.81


...but is a good idea to have a login button that is browser dependent?





I am looking into this issue. I will update you the details as soon as possible.



Best Regards,


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