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Space used/available growth chart over 12 months


HI since Oncommand report and dfm graph command are no longer available is there any way i can create a report/chart of space used on Aggregates/SVM/Volumes over a 12 month period using OCUM or even BIRT reporting? I can see i can create custom period charts in OCUM that display iops, utilization etc. but nothing for actual space used/available??




That's one option but probably overkill?


Cheers!! Never come across this tool for metric collecting. Have just installed and configured it. Waiting for metric collections to complete. Do you know if running Nabox and Netapp Harvest will have much impact on Netapp cluster storage perfromance?


HI i have had graphite/harvest configured since 2 days ago. I have I have also configured OCUM to send data to NAbox. All data/graphs are displaying info as of 2 days ago when it was all set up. Is there any way for me to see stats older than 2 days ago esp the capacity data - or because i only set it up 2 days ago it'll only be collecting metrics from then on?


Unfortunately, NAbox (Harvest) doesn't get historical data from before its deployment, it's only getting data from its own collection

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