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Test OSSV Alternative Without Disrupting OSSV Relationship?


We are using OSSV to back up a remote server across a low bandwidth connection. As we are moving to CDOT soon, we have been asked to test using tape backup as our protection solution. However, assuming the test is not performant, we will need to resume use of OSSV.


If we suspend protection and stop the OSSV service, then do a tape backup with NetBackup, will we have to do a new baseline to resume use of OSSV?

Environment is Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard with OSSV 3.0.1 to a FAS2240-4 with 7-mode 8.2.3P4



To my knowledge there is no OSSV is cDOT.


We are in the process of evaluating other options as well


That is true that there is no OSSV with CDOT. We are evaluating several alternatives and don't want to break what is working just to test.



We have also opened a ticket with support to ask this question.


So, let me explain how we do tape backup out of our OSSV.


We have a script that creates a backup snapshot once a week, calling it backup.0.


We then give the path to the volume in netbackup with backup.0 and backup that snapshot.  


so for example, the path would be \vol\ossv1\backup.0




Yes, that is exactly what we do.


It's a Windows server at the remote site. The options we are considering:

  • Local tape backup at the remote site (incurring people cost and mileage)
  • Remote tape backup to our data center (this is what we need to test)
  • ONTAP Select (costly and complex)
  • Retain an old 7-mode filer and continue with OSSV (aging and complex)


Our transition to CDOT will be complete in 6 weeks and so we need to figure out our solution soon. We were planning on using ONTAP Select, but are not happy with the hardware requirements.


Our big question is if we suspend OSSV and do a test remote tape backup, will it destroy the ability of OSSV to maintain its database on the primary server, causing a rebaseline.




Sure, you can retain your OSSV configuration.

Just don't run your backup jobs, and nothing should break.


We're in the same boat as you are, looking for an OSSV replacement, though we moved to cDOT 1.5 year ago already, and have been keeping a 7-Mode controller around just for this.

FWIW, we're currently considering replacing our backup software with CommVault, as its OSDP feature looks like a pretty decent OSSV replacement.

PeerSync for NetApp also looked like another option.


Good luck with the transition.