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To annotate a storage object in the OCUM via a WFA through the REST API.




I have OCUM 7.2P1 and WFA 4.1. When I add the storage object means if the vserver is created through the WFA, then it should be annotated in the OCUM. So I do not want to annotate it manually. 


Please suggest if any REST API's are available, which I can add in WFA.



I notice there is a "Volume_Annotation" Dictionary item in WFA.


I am about to start using WFA in a big way, and this was one of the primary applications I was going to use - ensuring that specific annotations are added to each volume that's created (and in some cases that they are changed when resized). It didn't occur to me that this might not be built-in as a feature already. If it's not, then include my vote for adding it!


I could TOTALLY use an API into UM that would allow me to annotate objects, whether from WFA or elsewhere. WOW would that be useful. I've been asking for this and waiting on it ever since UM 6.0. PLEASE add this API!


    Scott Lindley

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