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ONTAP Rest API Discussions

Netapp Ontapp Rest API and Perf Object Counters




I noticed that in migration guide to the REST api there is no equivalent for the perf-object-get-instances or any of the performance counters that are used in the ontap api. Furthermore, it appears that the /private/cli api does not respond to `statistics aggregate show` for instance if I'm using `/private/cli/statistics/aggregate` for instance. Is there a remedy for this or is my only option to continue to use the ontapapi?


Please advice.






In ONTAP 9.7 and above, there is an endpoint for gathering metrics about each aggregate: /api/storage/aggregates/{uuid}/metrics. From this, you can get information about the latency, throughput, and iops over a given interval. Is this what you're looking for?


Latency, throughput, iops is great but that's quite a bit smaller number of counters than the ontap api provided (order of hundreds of various performance counters) across the different components. Is the plan to not support those at all in the future?


You can expect more counters to be exposed with later ONTAP versions, although I don't have any special insight into the plans. If there's something you need and don't see, it's worth making a request to the support team to have it prioritized.

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