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how to put object and list object in a bucket with Ontap Rest API or Curl ?



Ontap REST API support S3 Action below about objects

but I can't find any docs to do those action.

is there anybody who talk to me  a sample syntax to upload object , delete object, list object in a Ontap S3 Object Storage  as REST API and Curl ?

( https://clust_mgmt/docs/api doesn't have about any object action)



  • PutObject
  • PutObjectTagging (9.9.1)
  • GetObject
  • GetObjectAcl
  • GetObjectTagging (9.9.1)
  • DeleteObject
  • DeleteObjectTagging (9.9.1)
  • HeadObject











You will need to use the S3 REST API.  Though this can be done using CURL, you would be better off using S3 api tools like s3cmd, aws s3 cli, etc...

Hi.. Thank you for reply..

Yes, I tested with aws cli already and It worked, And I also find s3fs or goop(f)y?? some tool that mount S3 at local server, But customer request curl and Rest API..

I am not a developer , I don't know any API or coding... 

So I am searching but still can't fined that I want.  maybe it could be because I don't know API well

So I need sample for Ontap S3 about  put, delete, ls objects


The S3 API is a standard, so you can use the AWS SDK's for your coding language of choice. You can search for CURL S3 and find a number of examples.  There is nothing specific to Ontap that I am aware of other than it only supports a subset of the API's, but that should not impact what you are asking for.  

I thought some people may use  REST API or curl command to put the object on Ontap S3, so I leaved the message here.

I will check the AWS SDK, as you mentioned. 

Thank you.