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Unable to join WFA to cDOT cluster


Anyone seen this error and, I suppose more importantly, know how I resolve it?

Could not connect WFA to OnCommand Unified Manager.

Data Source Acquisition has failed due to :Table 'netapp_model_view.nis_domain' doesn't exist


Re: Unable to join WFA to cDOT cluster


Hello judouk,

     To help us debug this, please provide the following details:

  1. What are your WFA and OCUM versions ?
  2. Are you facing the issue consistently. Actually Similar issues of Table not existing have been been seen but on very rare occasions in NetApp lab environments, but have never been produced consistently. Subsequent DataSource acquisitions often clears off the error and Acquisition works then on. But before trying it, read step 3.
  3. Please take the Autosupport Logs from "Administration -> WFA Configuration -> Autosupport Tab -> Download button" and attach it here.

warm regards,


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Re: Unable to join WFA to cDOT cluster

NetApp Alumni

Hi Sinha,

It just happened to me.  I am running WFA 2.1 with OnCommand UM 6.0. 

I can't attach a file in a reply.  I will e-mail it to you.


   - Rick -

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