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Upgrading licenses to ONTAP 8.2


Forwarding a request from a Partner:

"....upgraded her Application system to 8.2 this morning.  We didn't realize until after the fact that she had not yet added her Balance license to the controller.  Unfortunately, in 8.2 we have to use a 28 digit key now. Is it a major process for you to get the key they have converted to the 8.2 28 digit scheme?  Worst case we can downgrade, add the key, and then upgrade again since there isn't any production on the system yet?"

and a follow-up question from NetApp Field folks trying to help:

"xxxxx purchased Balance licenses 2 weeks ago on SO#  XXXXXXX and it sounds like we need to generate new keys to accommodate 8.2?

News to me."

How are these upgrades accomplished?  Is there a document detailing the process?

Rich Mills, OnCommand CSE



Were you ever able to find this out?


I did find some general information on the KB site. Since Balance controller keys are just like other ONTAP license keys, you should follow the same process.

Normally, this should not be a problem, if the Balance controller key is installed in ONTAP 8.1. The 8.2 upgrade should handle this automatically. If you purchased in for 8.1, but did not install the key, and then upgraded to 8.2, you should not need to downgrade, just request an 8.2 Balance key from sales or support.

When should Data ONTAP License Keys be replaced?


Thanks for the info.  Can you advise on the process for obtaining an evaluation license key for cDOT 8.2 after an upgrade?  The controllers were recently upgraded to 8.2, but the evaluation license page generates an older license key.

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