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VMware vServer issues since upgrading to OCI 7.0


I'm getting the following error collecting inventory on a few Virtual Center servers. They are a mix of 5.0 and 5.5 and performance monitoring works fine. Every so often Inventory will be successful but that's about once every day or two.

Internal error: Cannot update server (Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: https://###########/api/originatorUpdate/SANSCREEN/18)

######## is my servers name.



Just to follow up with this, ugrading to 7.0.1 resolved this.

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Hey Nicholas,

This is typically less of an OCI data collection issue than an "infrastructure" issue - basically, the Acq(uisition) process is sending data to the OCI server, but it isn't being ingested. The OCI server is throwing a HTTP 500 message, which is a bad thing.

It could be that your OCI server is underpowered, or there could be an OCI bug here.

If you are sending OCI ASUP, PM me the OCI site name, and I can poke around.

If you open a support case, you will want to include the contents of the





I checked out the logs you said and found the following

Its failing to run SQL_INSERT_ATTRIBUTE INSERT INTO sunscreen.attribute

and a little further down.

Data truncation : Data too long for column 'value' at row 1


That is seemingly a datasource bug. Ugh

Get a case open with NetApp support - state you have at least 1 vmware datasource where Acquisition is successful, as the datasource recording contains an odata....xml file, but Acquisition is reporting data that the OCI server refuses to ingest. This is clearly an issue that would need OCI engineering to investigate.

You will want to supply the problematic OCI datasource recording .zip file:


where XYZ is the name of the failing OCI datasource



Just to follow up with this, ugrading to 7.0.1 resolved this.