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Volume / LUN performance tracking (DFM export)


Hi all,

I'd like to create a report bearing IOPS, block, MB/s, latency - so I can track workload on volume or LUN level.

So far I found a few ways but the reports are not particularly comprehensive or useful for further analysis (eg. only graphics).

Which NetApp tools/software would be best suited for this task?

P.S. Best would be MAX and AVERAGE data laid out in a spreadsheet.




Re: Volume / LUN performance tracking


NetApp Management Console can be used to create Custom Views (graphs), but from those one can only export PNG files. (seriously?)

OnCommand Balance is quite intuitive and produces great charts, but I haven't found a way to export any data at all!

Seems like the only option is Operations Manager, where usage graphs for selected LUNs can be used to export graph data in XLS fomat.  There's just 2 problems with it, as I see it:

1. The data accuracy, especially with short-term peak loads, depends on monitoring frequency

2. Graphs can be viewed for a single LUN at a time, and I've nearly 200 of those to go through

Isn't there a way to pull data from Operations Manager for ALL LUN objects, per selected parameters?

Re: Volume / LUN performance tracking (DFM export)



I've narrowed it down to "dfm graph" cli command for DFM, I'll have to make due with only IOPS and bytes/s...

How can use this command to pull 1 week worth of data for all LUNs? I can't seem to make it work. All I get is a bunch of curious numbers.

Re: Volume / LUN performance tracking (DFM export)


Check out the dfm report CLI command.  Better yet, use the GUI to easily select /customize (select what stats to include,etc.)/schedule reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  You can even select output formats including csv, xls, text, etc. 

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