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WFA 1.1.1 seeking next vol in sequence / last vol in series examples


looking to perform the following, but I dont know how to set up the finders properly - keep getting aggregatename not found

search vfiler for volume name (example - existing volume is  ORA_DB_002 ) - looking to create new volume ORA_DB_003

if found

     create volume with next number in sequence


     create volume with 001 suffix

Does anyone have a sample workflow with this functionality?



Hi Stephen,

The process in 1.1.1 would probably be:

1) Find the last volume by name (Prefix) in a vfiler - That certified one would give you the last volume used in that sequence.

2) Find an aggregate with available capacity  in the array that vfiler is in - Should be easy to achieve as well with a certified finder

3) Define a new volume in that array, aggregate and vfiler. Use "nextNamePadded(" for that volume name

    3.1) If no volume was found in that vfiler - Just use all of the above but put your fixed name (The one with 001 suffix) there.

Note that the defines that you will do for 3 and 3.1 would match in name and all other info BUT the name attribute.

Hope that helps in direction,



Btw, this functionality will be available in much more simpler way in the next version of WFA ( 2.0) which is going to be released in a week's time.

We would suggest you to try the more simplified version of workflow design using the 2.0 software.