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WFA 4.2


I just installed WFA 4.2  on a Window2012 system, and now I can't login to the WFA GUI.  It asks for username and password (which I know I am entering  correctly), but it says that they are invalid.  Assuming I might have entered the passwd for admin incorrectly when I was in the installation wizard, I re-installed the software THREE times, with the same result.  Assuming it might be a browser issue, I tried chrome, firefox, IE and edge (to no avail).

I have already verified that McAfee is not the issue.  And there is nothing regarding failed logins or https issues in the WFA's wfa.log, server.log and wfa_client.log.


Please help!




Have you tried to reset the installation admin password?


Instructions are in the Installation guide.  The link below may take you directly to the page in the guide.




I opened a ticket with Netapp and while we were on the phone, I found page 60, which has the instructions you mentioned.  That fixed the problem!

Now however, I am getting the following error whenever I run a workflow:


Cannot bind parameter 'Controller'. Cannot convert the "C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\jboss\standalone\log\cluster_registration.log" value of type "System.IO.FileInfo" to type "NetApp.Ontapi.Filer.C.NcController".


I would appreciate any ideas, insight 🙂






   I have not seen this before, so I am just guesing at what could be wrong.  Is this an initial installation of WFA?  If so have you setup credentials and data sources?  It looks ike it is failing when it trys to connect to the NetApp controller.  Is this a standard example workflow?  If not can you try an example workflow.  I would also look at the permissions on that file and what account your wfa services are running as.  Again, I am just guessing on where the problem may be.




Figured it out!  I had to upgrade Powershell toolkit on the WFA server (from version 4.1 to version 4.5).  🙂