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Wait Command Issue


Hi all,

I have a workflow that creates a snapmirror relationship and then has a wait command to verify its status.  Problem is, it throws a false error, saying that the VSM initialization failed, but when I get on the cluster it in fact does initialize.  I'm running WFA 2.0. 

Looking at the logs and the code, it looks like it is failing here:


17:34:23.705 INFO [Wait CM VSM Initialization] Get-NaCredentials -Host

17:34:23.705 INFO [Wait CM VSM Initialization] Credentials successfully provided for ''

17:34:23.720 INFO [Wait CM VSM Initialization] Connect-NcController (with credentials) -Name

17:34:25.405 INFO [Wait CM VSM Initialization] Connected to cluster node

17:34:26.497 ERROR [Wait CM VSM Initialization] Failed to initialize VSM relationship between bbcs1va3.mhint://vscifs/cifs_todd_cifs_test_wfa_source and

17:34:26.513 INFO [Wait CM VSM Initialization] Cannot find VSM relationship. Failing command

17:34:26.638 ERROR [Wait CM VSM Initialization] Wait Command failed for Workflow 'BB_Create_SnapMirror' with error : Failed to initialize VSM relationship between bbcs1va3.mhint://vscifs/cifs_todd_cifs_test_wfa_source and

17:34:26.638 INFO [Wait CM VSM Initialization] ***** Workflow Execution Failed *****

# Get the latest job which initializes the vsm relationship

$job = Get-NcJob -Query $query | where {$_.JobDescription -eq "snapmirror initialize of destination " + $DestinationCluster + "://" + $DestinationVserver + "/" + $DestinationVolume } | Sort-Object -Descending -Property JobId | Select-Object -First 1



   # No job was found, it could be that the job was purged or that no job was created

   # because the vsm relationship is already in 'snapmirrored' state.

   # Checking that the vsm relationship is in 'snapmirrored' state

   $vsm = Get-NcSnapmirror -SourceCluster $SourceCluster -DestinationCluster $DestinationCluster -SourceVserver $SourceVserver -DestinationVserver $DestinationVserver -SourceVolume $SourceVolume -DestinationVolume $DestinationVolume -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue




        Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Cannot find VSM relationship. Failing command")

        Set-WfaCommandProgress -Total 1 -Current 0 -ProgressPercentage 100 -Note $job.JobProgress

        throw "Failed to initialize VSM relationship between " + $SourceCluster + "://"+ $SourceVserver + "/"+ $SourceVolume + " and " + $DestinationCluster + "://"+ $DestinationVserver + "/"+ $DestinationVolume




Thanks in advanced!



Re: Wait Command Issue


Hi Todd,

Can you give me the workflow?

Re: Wait Command Issue


Hi Todd,

Can you let us know the version of the cluster used for this workflow execution above?

There were some changes done to the SnapMirror initialization Wait command to handle 8.1x clusters differently from 8.2x clusters in WFA 2.1 version.



Re: Wait Command Issue


8.2 with WFA 2.0

Re: Wait Command Issue


Anil, it won't let me attach the file, even after changing the .zip extention.

Re: Wait Command Issue


Although I don't know exact cause of the error that you have encountered, I can tell you that the Wait For VSM Initialization command in WFA 2.0 will not work with 8.2 clusters. It was tested only with 8.1 and known to fail with 8.2 because 8.2 does not have a "job" for SnapMirror initialization.

You need to upgrade to WFA 2.1 which has the same command renamed as "Wait For SnapMirror Initialization". This command has the required changes to handle 8.2 clusters.

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