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What is the OnCommand Insight Secondary ETL mentioned on the ?


The "Secondary ETL" requirement referenced in some OnCommand ® Insight Automation Storefront report downloads refers to a developed professional services implementation used for invoking additional Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) of captured data, for population into the OnCommand Insight data warehouse.


The Secondary ETL process primary purpose is to prefetch “batch” data allowing for more complex reports to generate faster, or to be scheduled to run on a daily basis.  This Secondary ETL is in addition to the recommended “once per day” ETL detailed in the OnCommand Insight data warehouse administration guide


NetApp Professional Services is qualified to configure Secondary ETL scripting to avoid impact to existing OnCommand Insight report schedules, automated backups, scalability, or other system performance activities. 


For additional information regarding installation of ETL scripting or data validation needs, please contact your NetApp Sales Representative and discuss how NetApp’s Professional Services can assist you.