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hardware inventory history


2 questions:

1. Is date associated with any inventory?  From looking at the inventory data source, it doesn't look like it.  What I'm trying to do is, one of the ways we may illustrate a reduction in physical footprint is to show a reduction(or increase) in the number of disks over time.  Even taking into consideration the industry shift away from 15k drives(therefore power consumption), 2U shelves, 48 disks in some shelves, etc etc, this would be a neat info to get.  Right now I can show how many disks we have as of the last ETL, but I can't seem to get this historical info.  I'm just looking to confirm I'm not missing it.

2. Is there a way to search for a query item in report studio(or somewhere else?)  For example, I can find "disk count" under Inventory -> Storage Assets -> Disk -> "Disk Count", but suppose if I didn't know exactly where "Disk Count" is, is there a way to do something like F3 within regedit in windows and look for a query item that matches my search string when I'm at the Inventory level?


Re: hardware inventory history


The Inventory mart does not have history - it gets wiped out and rebuilt daily, presuming the ETL schedule is enabled and set to daily.

Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible today to do this query in the DWH, as I don't think the Capacity mart has historical disk count information available.


Re: hardware inventory history


Thanks, Matt. 

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