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Unexpected graph behavior


I'll describe what I'm looking to do first:

1. I want to generate a line graph where the X-axis is time(2013-present, 1 month increment) and the Y-axis is in terabites.

2. The series/lines I want are:

     a. Raw capacity

     b. Allocated Aggr capacity

     c. Used Aggr capacity

     d. Allocated Flex Vol capacity

     e. Flex Vol Used capacity

I get a-c from storage & storage pool package, and d & e from internal volume package.  The list I get from the joined query looks correct.  I changed the text of the headers for the aggrs(they originally show up as c8, c6, c9, so on):

From it I try to generate a line graph and it looks like this in report studio:

And the output gives me, in the series section, values from the aggr query instead of the label:

So I'm expecting 5 lines, and I get a bunch more lines;one for each aggr query value.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?





I should point something out about the points a through e.  When I chart it in separate instances of report studio, I do not encounter the problem.  So if I just try to chart the storage pool info in its own RP instance, it's fine.  The same for internal volumes.  I get the problem above when I try to chart it, and I also get the same problem when I try to make this report in a crosstab;  year then month for columns, then the other 5 for rows. 

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