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how to get the returnWFAParameters out Parameter to VCO


using VCO to call WFA workflows. struggling to get the returnWFAParameters out Parameter to populate using NetApp WFA Workflow object.


WFA Version


WFA returns the parameter then I am returning some parameters to VCO. I am not able to get them into a variable in VCO, Can not get a the return parameters into variables.




When executing a WFA workflow from vRO/vCO using the "vCO Package for WFA Integration" the output of the "NetApp WFA Workflow execution" task will include a parameter named "returnWFAParameters".  This is a Properties object (meaning it is a series of key->value pairs) which contain any returned values from WFA.


To access them, you can use a script object to access individual properties.  For example:


// if you know the name of the WFA return parameter
System.debug("Returned value " + returnWFAParameters.get("someProperty") + " for parameter someProperty");

// if you want to enumerate all of the returned values
for (var key in returnWFAParameters.keys) {
  System.debug("Returned parameter " + key + " equals " + returnWFAParameters.get(key));

 Hope this helps.



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Are you attempting to setup a vCO/vRO workflow to call WFA?  Have you run the "Get WFA Workflow Inputs" against the WFA workflow in order to find the needed inputs?  


Also, go to for a detailed step by step guide for setting up a vCO workflow to call WFA. 



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