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oncommand system manager does not load snapvault schedule


Has anyone seen this issue  in OnCommand System manger 2.2RC1, when selecting schedule it says 4 snapvault schedules loaded, but nothing is shown  and continues to display the loading symbol circle.



Was this ever answered. I'm having the same problem now.

same issue here with OCSM 3.1 and cDOT 8.2.1P2, but with the snapshot schedules.

on one cluster it works and on another is just stays on the loading icon and cannot display the schdules.

so I think OCSM has an issue while reading all the existing schedules.


OCSM 3.1RC1 and lower had issues loading SnapVault schedules but this was fixed in 3.1GA and higher.

Can you confirm the version you are using?




I just updated to 3.1.1 and the issue still exists.

the issue exists only on one cluster and there only on one vserver (the one with the most schedules/policies).

the schedules and policies have been created by 7MTT. maybe this has an impact somehow?


Thanks for upgrading - that should rule out bug 777312.

It is difficult to say what the cause might be without data.  I recommend that you collect a TRACE level support bundle while attempting to load the SV schedule in OCSM and then open a support case.  Either provide the support bundle to your case owner or attach it to your case. 

Please post the case # here so that I can ensure it is followed up on.




it may be a different issue than this thread. because it's the same behaviour, but with the snapshot schedule, not sv schedule.

how do I collect a trace level support bundle?


It is very likely to be a different cause then as there parsing that data can break for a few different scenarios.

Here is another:

OnCommand System Manager fails to load SnapVault schedule

Steps to collect TRACE logging:

1) Tools -> Options

2) Log Level --> TRACE

3) Save and Close

4) Generate the error/failure condition

5) Set the log level back to INFO

6) Collect a support bundle or that is not possible, the logs from the System Manager installation path.


What Data ONTAP version are you using? Was the SnapVault relationship and schedules created using System Manager or CLI?

Also, it would be helpful if you could generate support bundle and send it across so that we can analyze and root cause the problem.  Please e-mail the support bundle to

How to generate support bundle ?

- Open System Manager

- Goto Tools -> Options  ( Select Log Level as Debug )

- Perform the operation ( in this case access schedules again )

- Goto Help -> Support Bundle  -> 'click here to generate file'

Note: You need to have admin privileges to generate support bundle.




Hi Karthik

I will be working with the customer to get this information for you


Same issue. No answer about this post ?



      Pls post the same here OnCommand Management Software.

The OnCommand System Manager SME's may not monitor this space, that could be the reason why you didn't get any response.



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