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remove suffix from destination volume


Hi all,


A Partner is currently setting up WFA and Unified Manager to extend protection relationships Primary -> SnapVault -> SnapMirror. It all works fine with “Extend protection > From secondary” but the name of the destination volume has a suffix of “_001”. However, the customer would like to remove that suffix and select the volume name themselves. Is it possible ?




Re: remove suffix from destination volume



     The OCUM and WFA integration is tightly copuled one. You cannot change the behaviour AFAIK.

The integrated workflow uses incremental naming convention. So unless you change the workflow to make it as user input you cannot achieve what you are looking for.


So best way forward is copy/clone the workflow and change the incremental naming to user input. Once you do that you can associate the same from UM as its tight integration based on UUID of the wokflows.

So your cloned workflow would have a new UUID and cant be launched from the current version of OCUM's.




Re: remove suffix from destination volume




I don't think the workflow in WFA is the culprit, since the parameter "destination volume name" has to be provided and is not computed.

So it seems OCUM is generating the volume name and passing it to WFA.


I also didn't find any solution to avoid adding the suffix at creation time.

Maybe in next OCUM version ?


One workaround is to rename the volumes afterwards (WFA, PS script, ...).



Re: remove suffix from destination volume


The suffix is indeed generated by OCUM and passed on to the WFA workflow.

From the OCUM online help of the SnapVault protection dialogue:



A suffix between 001 and 999 is appended to the secondary name when the relationship is created, replacing the nnn that displays in the preview text, with 001 being assigned first, 002 assigned second, and so on.



The idea is to circumvent duplicate names that would cause the workflow to fail as mostly the name is dynamically created based on other variables that can be identicale for different relationships.

The intention is correct, but I can understand that people may not like that behavior.

Unfortunataly there is no build-in way to remove it.


regards, Niels

Re: remove suffix from destination volume


This is a feature called as incremental naming in WFA. If you want to change that, you can clone the workflow and and change the destination volume name to userinput instead of incremental naming.

But doing that change will not allow to to inovke it via OCUM as integration with WFA is a tight integration. Meanign, OCUM can only call the workflow with the UUID.

When you clone to workfow you get a new uuid, so the integration cant work.




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