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ASUP Size in 7Mode




My Customer is using SMTP for their ASUP transport and their weekly ASUP is around 25MB and will not get through their mail gateway.


Is there a way of reducing the size of the weekly ASUP to a more reasonable size?


Some points to note:

1. They are on 8.1.4P6 7Mode and ASUP used to be https but they changed to SMTP due to certificate change in November last year.

2. They are awhile away to upgrade to 8.1.4P10 or higher to fix the certificate due to political reasons inhouse.

3. Thier mail gateway team will not increase the max allowed to let the SMTP ASUP through.

4. The daily MGT and PERF ASUPs are getting through but the weekly is too large.


I was hoping by clearing some logs and other things we can reduce the weekly full ASUP to a more reasonable size and potentially get them working..


Any help or pointers to appropriate documentation would be apreciated.







I would recommend the customer use a different workaround option, instead of changing to SMTP - keep the HTTPS transport, but disable X.509 certificate validation.

The details are in the Support Bulletin KB: