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Active IQ 9.7 Quota email rules


Hello community,


I have just enabled quota on a SVM. (ONTAP 9.2P2)

For some reason I cannot get the Quota Email Rules - "Rules to Generate User and Group Quota Email Address " working.

When I go to Storage - SVM's - "my SVM" - User and Group quotas , I see all the defined quota's and possible thresholds that are exceeded. However the "email address" column remains "Not configured". So there are no user emails sent to warn about thresholds exceeded. (see quota1 attachment).

I have tried lots of combinations in the Quota Email Rules, but simplified it to this, which should populate in my opinion the email address field:

if ( $USER == * ) then

and is an existing email address (omitted here)


As per manual "Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7 Online Help : Managing quotas : Editing user and group quota email addresses"

a. Delete the email address in the Email Address field.
b. Click Save.
c. Refresh the browser by pressing F5 to reload the Edit Email Address dialog box.
The email address generated by the specified rule is displayed in the Email Address field.


But it remains as not configured.


II was running OCUM 7.2P1 earlier with the same issue, which is why I upgrade to Active IQ, but to no avail.

To my surprise I could not find anyone else with the same behavior.


FYI, if I manually enter an email address, the email alert is sent. So it is the link between the Quota alerting and the email rules that is not working for some reason.


Thank you for any hints



Hello Joerik,


Our Engineering Team has been made aware of this issue and is investigating it. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can follow the bug here:

Bug 1317405 - User quota alert e-mail 





Team NetApp

Team NetApp


Thank you for the reply.

Jsut for your information, we're running unix security style on the volume in question:


ONTAP::> volume show -vserver quota -volume kotnet -fields security-style
vserver volume security-style
------- ------ --------------
quota kotnet unix


Have you been able to reproduce this on UNIX security style as well, cause I saw you specified MIXED security style in the bug.


Hi JoeriK,


Without going into too many architectural details we are always UNIX; Mixed and NTFS security style just enables user-mapping back from NTFS to UNIX.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp