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Active IQ Config Advisor 6.4


I have installed Active IQ Config Advisor 6.4

When i review Result and select Visualization then select for "Cable Visualization"

I got a prompt Cabling diagram cannot be generated. Error in parsed json file.

How may i fix this issue.



That would be funny if not tragic. Take a look at the release notes:


The following key issues have been addressed in Config Advisor 6.4:
• ...
• Parsing error with cabling diagram



It's a new installation over an old one or you did it from scratch?


Hi Pedro,

I also saw the same comment during the download where the cabling issue been addressed in Config Advisor 6.4


I install the tool from scratch.


This is the 1st time i using the tool.


Saw version  6.4 the latest one and i download it and install.


But when i go to visualization and select cabling, i getting the json parse error as per attached in earlier email.


Pease advise any way to fix this issue





I really don't know what to do. The best you can do is to report this to them. Normally the teams that support these kind of tools from NetApp are fast to answer and give you a status on the issue.



I have went through all then downloaded the latest version 6.4. This is the 1st time i using it