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ActiveIQ Deployment and Cloud Options

I'm a previous user of OnCommand Unified Manager for monitoring/alerting. It seems that this product has not been superseded by ActiveIQ Unified Manager. What I'm confused about is if this is an on-premise appliance deployment or a cloud service?


Re: ActiveIQ Deployment and Cloud Options

Hi @darraghos 

ActiveIQ Unified Manager is a on-premise tool, just like you are familiar with from the legacy OnCommand UM. 


All customer's whom are leveraging the ASUP/Call home functionality can also leverage ActiveIQ which is a service we offer for providing health and risk information relating to all your NetApp systems. Unified Manager has some of this functionality and more but is focused at bringing that on-premise.


Additionally, we do have a new Cloud service called Cloud Insights (check out which is an insights and monitoring tool for both on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Hope that helps!

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Re: ActiveIQ Deployment and Cloud Options

Thanks so much. I'll speak to our reseller around product comparisons, see what fits for us. 

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