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Autosupport aggregate capacity report

Hi ,


any way to get a my autossuport report that includes per aggregate detailed free and used capacity? i can only get per node and per cluster reports, even checking the 'include aggregates' tick i only get what seems to be a sumary of them.


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Re: Autosupport aggregate capacity report



If you search for a cluster, the "Cluster Details" section on the cluster dashboard, has a tab for aggregates that lists all the aggregates for you with their attributes and space usage details.


You can download those details on in a CSV file for the report.


Let us know if this meets your needs. 







Re: Autosupport aggregate capacity report

Yes of course, that's the kind of info that i need, the problem is that im willing to send it to a customer on a scheduled bases, and i was wondering hoy to get that info on 'my autosupport' and create a custom report to send it periodically and automatically.


Thank you. Regards.

Re: Autosupport aggregate capacity report

Understand the request.


Please send us a list of the fields you would like to see in this report to


We will evaluate this request as an enhancement request once we receive the details.