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Autosupport and SMTP authentication


Is this ever going to be supported? I have several customers (and my company too) that don't have a local mail server, they use a hosting service provider and don't have control over the mail server to allow SMTP Relaying; it would be very helpful if Autosupport could use SMTP authentication.





Can you be more explicit about what RFC's and AUTH methods you are asking for?

I assume you're referring to ESMTP AUTH?

E.g. Compliance with RFC 4954?

As much details about the requirement you can provide would be appreciated.


Hi Andris,

I'm not a mail expert, but basically what I do to configure my mail account on my mail client is to enable STARTTLS and encrypted password on the outgoing (SMTP) server, I have notice this method is common between several mail hosting providers, also, some use port 587 instead of 25.


Ricardo, i get your point but if the filers have access to WAN for send e-mails you can use the HTTPS method to send ASUP.

We - generally - use the mail relay to avoid give acces to WAN for the filer.


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