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Autosupport: how to identify the physical network port transmits Asutosupport


I have installed a FAS8040 storage system with ONTAP 8.3.P1. For email to exit the facility the customer must enter an Ip address in the smtp server as per security policy. 

Management IP address for each node were provided for entry into smpt server but Autosupport has not worked. 

As a test the cluster and data IP addresses were entered into the smtp server. Autosupport started working.


Is there a way to identify the port and IP autosupport is using within the filer? All of the documentation I have seen only discusses the protocol port.

There is mention of management port but as this installation shows it not work as documented.  



On 8.3 it could come from cluster mgmt, node mgmt, or in some cases the SP depending on the circumstances.


network route show-lifs will display the route/gateway/lifs on a per-vserver level.  See what possible lifs if could come from by looking at the list for the admin (cluster) vserver.


Here is a KB for reference:






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