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I am super new to NetApp, just aquired a company that has FAS2240-2.

There is so much documentation (which is a good thing), but I cannot find out how to enable "phone home" so that NetApp support gets alerts and has usage history, etc?

in OnTap - System Tools - AutoSupport, I only see SMTP info to send messages internally. Any ideas?


I also see Thin Provising is turned off, as well as Storage Effeciency. Can we turn these features on without disrupting services? I assume Storage Effeciency is Compression and/or Dedupe, which may take some performance hits.



You need to find out if your controller is still under support b/c a 2240 is kind of old at this point.


options autosupport will show you if it gets sent to the asup url.


Don't worry about turning on thin provisioning if you are that new to netapp


As JGPSHNTAP mentioned, you'll want to verify your system still has a valid support agreement associated with it.


AutoSupport uses https to submit by default, though you can configure it to use SMTP if desired.  You'll want to check the options for autosupport, specifically these:


  • = on, this is the option which enables sending AutoSupport to NetApp.  autosupport.enable controls whether the messages are sent to you via email using the configured SMTP server.
  • = your.proxy.server, if you need a proxy to get to the outside world.

The remainder of the options should be left to their default.  You can check the System Administration guide on the MySupport site for your version of Data ONTAP to get more information about AutoSupport as well.


Hope that helps.



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NetApp ASUP e-mail is fixed predefined and need not be configured. You can only enable or disable sending autosupport. You need to make sure your SMTP relay can send e-mails to NetApp.

Alternative is to use HTTP(S) for ASUP delivery to NetApp. You still can use SMTP for local destinations.