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Autosupport offline report


Hi all,

recently i came across a problem with the autosupport file.

I'm a consultant and i manage some customers and sometimes the "only" thing that i got from them is the autosupport file (body.7z most of the times).

I was wondering if there's a tool that does a report (configuration sw and hw, alerts summary and similar things) for these files. Some of this customers are "one shot" and some others are overprotective so i can't/won't access their online ausp.


Is there anything out there?


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A few years back the NetApp AutoSupport team was working on a product (codenamed Meerkat) that would allow a customer/partner/etc get some of the similar information from an ASUP as they get from the MyAutoSupport web site.  It was primarily intended for customers operating systems in an air-gapped network (i.e. that couldn't talk back to NetApp) but something like that might work out for what you're trying to do.


That said, the product never went "live" - however, I've heard rumblings that something similar might be in the works.  I'd send a note to the MyAutoSupport team with your use case and see if there's anything they can share and/or maybe it will just spur them to release that functionality.  In my experience, NetApp has been pretty responsive to customer requests and such.  Definitely would be a helpful tool in the toolkit...





Re: Autosupport offline report


Sad the product never went live for public use but as you said I did a support request to MyAutoSupport team regarding same I hope they be able to do something. Thanks for your help Chris.


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Hi @PietroM,


At present we do not have any offine Active IQ tool. Even if you try to upload these .7z files manually to view in Active IQ you will still need atleat one Weekly ASUP from system to view the system in Active IQ.  I will further check on the possibilities for the use cases mentioned and let you know.




Product Manager - Active IQ



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Re: Autosupport offline report


Thank you very much for the answer.

I'm looking for something to batch analyze a clustered body.7z file for example outlining configurations and critical conditions such as faults or similar. I'm used to watch log files, but actually there's a lot of xml in the ausp file and it's quite bad for reading. I'm actually thinking of generating a script to do that report. It's not so difficult but it's time consuming, hoped that there was a tool for that.





Re: Autosupport offline report


What files are required to be manually uploaded to ActiveIQ to produce data?

Re: Autosupport offline report


The functionality described in this thread is one that is still actively requested by secure customers and the gap is something we hope to resolve in the future.


Please watch this space and work with your NetApp SE team for assessments on air-gapped systems.

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