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How to really Opt Out of AutoSupport email alerts


My customer is frustrated with the multiple attempts to disable the automatic AutoSupport email alerts.  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.  Please review the example provided for SN: <removed SN>


Screen shot of ActiveIQ included along with the an example of the latest e-mail alert that was generated.







The misunderstood your issue. You need help understanding why the per-message control isn’t working. You don’t want this email to be entirely removed, is that right?


I would clarify your issue with the ticket owner and escalate, if necessary. I can provide the name of the Product Manager via email, if you need it.

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I don't see an example e-mail alert attached...


It's important to see exactly what kind of e-mail they are getting. This screen refers to AutoSupport Alerts from ActiveIQ, which one can subscribe to receive notifications for...

But the system itself can generate e-mail to an admin -- either EMS events or AutoSupport (-to or -noteto).


Looked up the AutoSupport configuration for that Serial Number...

They have an e-mail address configured in -noteto (or autosupport.noteto).

So, since "FCP PARTNER PATH MISCONFIGURED" is considered an important event, they would receive a short e-mail note about it (if that's the e-mail they'are referring to).

Fortunately, it's configurable. Use the "autosupport trigger modify" command (can't remember which privilege level - might be diag) to disable -noteto notification for that AutoSupport callhome message.  ID to use in the command: fcp.p.path.bad


That said, you usually want to fix path issues.


Attached is copy of the email alert that is supposed to be blocked with the OptOut feature in ActiveIQ



-----Original Message-----
From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 1:03 PM
To: customer_email <Removed@Email.null)


Dear NetApp Customer  Microsoft Corp.


[This is an AutoSupport-generated email.  Please do not reply.]

NetApp has received an AutoSupport from the following system:



SITE NAME:     <site>

HOSTNAME:    <host>


MODEL:           FAS8020





This AutoSupport indicates that there is a configuration issue in the FCP partner path.



[hostname: scsitarget.partnerPath.misconfigured:error]: FCP Partner Path Misconfigured.

[hostname: scsitarget.partnerPath.misconfigured:error]: FCP Partner Path Misconfigured - Host I/O access through a non-primary and non-optimal path was detected.


This message occurs when the system detects that host I/O access to logical units (LUNs) is not through a primary path. NetApp clustered storage controllers allow access to LUNs through primary, optimized paths, and secondary, non-optimized paths.  Secondary(non-primary) paths provide access to LUNs through the partner storage controller's FCP target ports. Under normal operating conditions, a host should not perform I/O to LUNs using a non-primary path. Access through a non-primary path should only occur when a host's MPIO software detects a failure of all primary paths.

I/O access to LUNs using a non-primary path indicates one or both of the following conditions: the primary paths between host and storage controller have failed; host MPIO software is not configured correctly. These conditions indicate that the redundancy of the SAN is compromised. You should take immediate corrective action to restore primary paths to the storage controllers.

In some circumstances this error might also be triggered by non-I/O activity, such as MPIO path management operations or host clustering software performing status checks against LUNs. If either of these situations is responsible, you can take steps to decrease this activity or specify custom thresholds for this error's trigger conditions. Also, FCP Partner Path Misconfigured errors might occur spuriously following storage controller boots, storage controller cluster takeover and giveback operations, or host reboots. These instances of the error are normal and are usually corrected after the host's MPIO software detects the change. You can ignore these occurrences if they are not continuous. Data ONTAP(R) 7.2.2 and later releases have enhanced the trigger for this error by ignoring partner path access for 10 minutes following a storage controller boot or cluster takeover or giveback operation.





Please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for solution:<deleted link>

For more information on system, check Active IQ by clicking on the following link:<deleted link>




Active IQ Mobile app provides quick access to cases, recommendations, storage details, and includes proactive notifications for capacity.

Download the free app from Apple App store and Google Play. Click here for download <deleted link>


If you need further technical assistance, download software, manage service contracts, view your cases, or open Part Request, etc., please visit NetApp Support site:<deleted link>

If you require immediate assistance, feel free to contact NetApp Global Services in your region: <deleted link>


To ensure continuous support delivery to your NetApp system, please review and update your contact and site information by visiting<deleted link> or calling NetApp support.  For toll free options, reference <deleted link>


Other Proactive Recommended Actions:

Active IQ is a web based application that is based on AutoSupport information from your systems. Active IQ improves self-service support and operational efficiency of your NetApp systems.

Under the section labeled Health Summary, click on the link called System Risk Details for more information on how to resolve these conditions.

Please feel free to contact Technical Support for any assistance needed.


To open a support case use the AutoSupport symptom as the first line of the summary of the issue.

Please click on the following link:<deleted link>


You might want to scrub out the customer e-mails from your posting, above...


OK... that does look like the e-mail from the ActiveIQ AutoSupport Alerts feature.  I'm assuming that e-mail address is listed in the "notification subscription" tab of the screen.  I'd recommend using the "feedback" widget on the right and open a Helpdesk Ticket for further assistance.




iv'e removed the customer info from the thread.


@Jeffreyn i suggest to get in touch with the ActiveIQ site support team using the following form:



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


I already have INC2469391


I am being told that I have to disable in SAP. 


Hi Jeff,


The contact name given for the system: <removed> so mails will be send to this email id, even for the OptOut of Autosupport alerts.


If you don’t want to receive this alert mail, then that needs to be updated at SAP end. Please reach out SAP SCA team by creating non-technical case.


Below are the steps to create non-technical case.


(1)         Visit the “Onsite Assistant Feedback Tool” on the NOW site by clicking

(2)         Select the problem category that best describes your request (Do NOT click on SUBMIT A CASE as this will take you directly into SAP.) Instead choose a category under Service & Support.

(3)         Free text field: Type your request details in the “Comments Box” and “Submit”. A case will be created in SAP and you will be provided with the case number.


Note: By selecting the category “Service contracts>Service contract data discrepancies” a case will be created and routed to the SCA team.


The misunderstood your issue. You need help understanding why the per-message control isn’t working. You don’t want this email to be entirely removed, is that right?


I would clarify your issue with the ticket owner and escalate, if necessary. I can provide the name of the Product Manager via email, if you need it.