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Has anyone noticed this behavior with autosupport?  In my experience, out of the box, a system will NOT post the ASUPs to NetApp unless you disable/enable the ASUP, even if you keep the default https setting.  So at every install, you MUST disable/enable ASUP after configuring it.



As far as I know (and what I have seen across the 100+ installs that I have done), is defaulted to ON in an "out-of-the-box" config.

Once you configure network connectivity and DNS (and if your controllers have internet access at that point), Autosupport has the ability to send ASUPs to NetApp Global Support via HTTPS.


Yes, I've noticed that it is, in fact, enabled by default, but oddly enough it still won't actually go out. I won't see the message "Autosupport posted to NetApp..." appear on the console until I disable/enable it, then kick one off. In fact, once I do that, sometimes I see that line appear multiple times because there were some reboots during the installation, so there were autosupports waiting to go out. Also the recipients on the option won't get the automated response from NetApp as they should when NetApp receives the ASUP with the word 'test' in the subject. Only after I disable/enable does it seem to work properly.

Mike Cabibbo

Professional Services Engineer