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autosupport mail drop


FAS250 / Ontap 7.2.7 Mon Sep 27 15:00:03 BST [asup.smtp.drop:error]: Autosupport mail (/etc/log/autosupport/201009271500.0) was not sent for host (0). The system will drop the message I see the above message and what are the conditions which would result in mail getting dropped. ?



For Data ONTAP releases before 8.0, the EMS message asup.smtp.drop happens under two conditions.

The less frequent one is where the collected AutoSupport residing in /etc/log/autosupport or possibly related files have been removed or access to those files has failed.

The more frequent one is when some sort of email transfer using SMTP has not succeeded after the specified retry attempts. A short and incomplete list of the possible reasons for this not working are:

  • The "mailhost" specified doesn't resolve to an IP address that is reachable.
  • The SMTP port, port 25, is rejecting, not answering, responding slowly or fails to answer properly for the SMTP protocol.
  • The SMTP protocol is established but errors, slow responses or unexpected responses happen to prevent the final acknowledgement that the email has been sent.


changed to smtp from https and that help. But smtp is not secured as compare to https


AutoSupport has two delivery targets, one for the customer and one for NetApp.

The transport control that provides the ability to selecton SMTP, HTTP and HTTPS at the current time only controls delivery to NetApp. If security is a concern, I would suggest maintaining the use of HTTPS to NetApp.

Delivery to, autosupport.noteto and always use SMTP.

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